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Rize: Coworking Space Branding

Business card for Rize coworking space branding
Case Study

Rize: All Ships Rise Together

Project Overview

Rize (formerly CoVort) has long been a helpful resource to the Bangor, Maine, community. We were instantly on board when they brought us the coworking space branding project. The new owner of Rize saw the potential for growth and partnered with Flashback to develop a new name, logo, and look for the business.

After a comprehensive look at the local market for coworking spaces, the project team saw opportunities in both the brand aesthetics and business offerings. Rize now seeks to be a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses to help strengthen the local economy.

The new logo depicts a flower-like sunrise over a mountain peak and water. These all represent growth and accomplishment but also reference Maine’s landscape.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Standards

Project Outcome

The transformation of Rize is depicted through its new logo, symbolizing a sunrise over a mountain peak and water, reminiscent of Maine's beautiful landscape. These elements represent growth and accomplishment and subtly mirror Rize's commitment to fostering economic development in the local community.

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